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About Us

Jackson GEN Group, LLC. a multimedia production company specializing in film production, book publishing and photography was founded by Chase J. Jackson, Sr. in 2021.

What sets us apart from other companies is our full-service capabilities. If a client has a book that needs to be published, we will work with them on a retainer from the beginning to the end of their process. We help with the book covers, editing, distribution, marketing, book signings, photoshoots, events, and speaking engagements. Our marketing team is one thing that we're most proud of with our brand. We understand the importance of marketing a client once their product is done. 

Meet the Team

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Chase J. Jackson,

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Chase J. Jackson is an author, director, editor and founder of Jackson GEN Group.  

Combining both his love for film and writing, the legacy Mr. Jackson hopes to build through Jackson GEN Group is one that will foster the small business creative mind through visuals and open the imagination of the young and young at heart through publication. 

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Jessica Jackson,

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Jessica Jackson is the Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Director at Jackson GEN Group. Jessica has over five years of expereince in marketing. As an administrative professional with recruitment, staffing, and customer service experience, serving her clients is her passion. 

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Marcie Carr,
Public Relations Director

Marcie has years of experience helping businesses with their marketing and development. Marcie and Chase worked together at Boeing before starting their own businesses.

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