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It's the last week of school and Alyssa Mitchell has just found out there's a curse on her family. A curse would explain her sleep paralysis, her mother's financial struggles, and the strange occurrences within her family, but Alyssa is not convinced that's the reason. After Alyssa's mom is offered an internship opportunity in California, she decides to let Alyssa and her two younger siblings stay with their grandmother in New Orleans for the summer, something they've never been allowed to do. 


While out in New Orleans, Alyssa notices that people are either thrilled when they see her grandmother or terrified of her. After hearing rumors that her grandmother is behind unexplained paranormal incidents in the neighborhood, Alyssa takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of the neighborhood gossip. She soon realizes that an ugly secret is the reason for her family's curse and breaking this generational curse will put everyone's lives in danger. 

The Family Curse

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