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College graduate Adrian Ramirez, has finally landed his first job and it's the opportunity of a lifetime; teaching at the elite Finley Academy in his hometown of Newnan, Georgia. Life is on the upswing, and Adrian returns home with girlfriend Lea and high hopes- but the Academy is not the idyll he imagined. Along with the new pressures of adulthood, and a rising anxiety disorder he having trouble hiding, Adrian discovers there' s been a string of unexplained dropouts at the school. 


He suspects something is amiss with two of his students, identical twins Raven and Robin. One outgoing, one withdrawn, both keeping a secret. When Adrian is accused of being at the center of a student's breakdown, he is forced to dig deeper to unravel the mystery, while finding influences of the paranormal along the way. Will Adrian be able to unlock the dark secrets of Finley Academy-and his own past-in time?

Whispers In The Dark

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